Yestimun - Hefe-Glucan, bierhefe, nahrungsergänzung, hefe, nutrition, leiber

Yes! to Yeast Beta-Glucan for various applications

Target groups for immune health

Immune health is an important topic especially with today’s hectic and often challenging lifestyle. Therefore, products with ingredients that boost the immune system are currently attracting a lot of attention. Target groups for this topic are not only elderly people or children. It is also interesting for sports people as well as stressed people during their daily challenges to improve their own level of immunity.

Various application formats

Yestimun® is a light beige coloured fine spray powder, which is clear and neutral in taste and smell. Therefore, the dispersible ingredient can be easily added to various product formulations, including liquid applications. There is a large variety of possible application formats, such as…

♦ dairy products & milk powder

♦ instant drinks & juice

♦ snack bars

♦ drink shots

♦ tablets & capsules

Yestimun® is produced in accordance with the highest certified quality standards. Moreover, it is Kosher and Halal certified. As a pure and natural ingredient, it can even be used for vegetarian and vegan products.

This is why we say Yes! to Yestimun® as an innovative and natural immune ingredient!

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