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Yes! to Yeast Beta-Glucan with high efficacy

Mode of action – effective recognition by immune receptors

The natural and highly purified beta-glucan structure of Yestimun® can be identified by immune cells in the gut, like a pathogen. Consequently, a functional, rapid and unspecific immune response is triggered, which activates so-called scavenger cells in the Peyer’s patches. These scavenger cells start to destroy the pathogens or activate other defense cells (B and T cells, dendritic cells). Thus, the yeast beta-glucan simply boosts the immune system to enable it to react quickly in the event of an infection.


Say Yes! to Yestimun® and raise your immune system barrier to a higher level of protection to be prepared for your daily immune challenges!

Significant reduction in common cold episodes

Taking Yestimun® protects the body against common colds and makes you better prepared for your daily immune challenges. In representative nutrition studies with more than 100 healthy participants, the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of Yestimun® in cases of uncomplicated colds were investigated. The following significant results were repeatedly reached when compared with the placebo group:

  • Participants of the Yestimun® group experienced fewer common cold episodes during the most intense infection season

  • In case of illness, the cold symptoms were less severe for participants taking Yestimun®

  • The average duration of an episode proved to be shorter for participants in the Yestimun® group

According to the studies, Yestimun® has no side effects and was evaluated as very good by study participants. It can be safely recommended for prophylactic purposes for people with an increased risk of infection.

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