The first food law

The quality of food and raw materials was already an important topic when Duke Wilhelm IV signed the first food law in Ingolstadt on 23rd April 1516: The German Purity Law for beer!
The law was enacted to make a safer and better quality beer and protect customers’ health. People all over the world trust in the German Purity Law as a promise of quality for beer. In Germany the law is still valid.

Only three main ingredients

The Purity Law allowed only three main ingredients for the production of beer: barley, hops and water. Yeast was added later as an ingredient after the discovery of its role in fermentation. No other ingredients were accepted for the production of beer. Due to the clear rules about the permitted ingredients, it was no longer possible to add toxic herbs during the production process or to use wheat, which was dedicated to bread production.

For our raw material brewers’ yeast, the Purity Law guarantees that it is only grown on natural substances and is of good quality.

Brewers’ yeast quality

The German Purity Law concerns the production of high quality beer that is free of additives. This is very important for our raw material brewers’ yeast, as its quality depends on the material on which it is grown. Thanks to the Purity Law, we can be sure that brewers’ yeast is only grown on natural substances, which is important for Leiber GmbH’s excellent yeast products.

Clean label since 1516

Clean label hasn’t just been a trend for a few years. Brewers’ yeast, which is grown in accordance with the German Purity Law, has been following the clean label trend since 1516. The current demand for natural and pure products without any additives shows that the German Purity Law with its content is still up to date – even after 500 years!

The purity of the brewing process ensures the purity of our brewers’ yeast products. This is important in enabling us to produce our high quality and excellent yeast products!

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