Why to say Yes! to Yestimun® Beta-Glucan:

Our Yestimun®, Beta-Glucan is a natural and effective high quality immune supporting ingredient made from brewers’ yeast. The high quality raw material brewers’ yeast is the source for our natural ingredient without additives. Due to the high purity of the beta-glucan structure, it has an excellent recognition by immune cells. This is proven by the results of several clinical studies showing a significant reduction in common cold infections during winter.

Say Yes! to Yestimun® and raise your immune system barrier to a higher level of protection to be prepared for your daily immune challenges!

Yestimun® is produced by Leiber GmbH in Germany, a specialist in brewers’ yeast products with more than 60 years of experience.

Clinical Studies & Mode of Action

Several study results proof the efficacy of Yestimun® Beta-Glucan. Taking Yestimun® protects the body against common colds and makes you better prepared for your daily immune challenges.

Applications in Food & Supplements

Yestimun is a light beige coloured fine spray powder, which is clear and neutral in taste and smell. Therefore, the dispersible ingredient can be easily added to various product formulations, including liquid applications.

Raw Material & Quality

The brewers’ yeast used in Yestimun® is a highly natural raw material. It is grown exclusively on barley hops and water without any other added nutrients.

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