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Yes! to Yeast Beta-Glucan in its most natural form

Brewers’ yeast – the only raw material for Yestimun®

The brewers’ yeast used in Yestimun® is a highly natural raw material. It is grown exclusively on barley, hops and water without any other added nutrients. Upon arrival at our facilities, its composition and particularly its microbiological purity are thoroughly checked. Based on this high quality raw material, we have developed the production process for our immune ingredient Yestimun® in our own production sites in Bramsche and Engter.

Yestimun® – made in Germany

During the production process the outer layer of the yeast cell wall, the manno-oligosaccharides, must be removed carefully to present the three-dimensional matrix of the beta-glucans to the gut’s immune cells. Following gentle autolysis with the yeast’s own enzymes, high-performance centrifuges are used to separate the cell walls. We conduct this separation repeatedly to remove other substances from the surface of the yeast cell wall. Thanks to our gentle processing method, we can achieve a high degree of purity in the glucan structure without using aggressive chemicals – the beta-glucan’s natural structure remains intact.

Experience for more than 60 years

Leiber GmbH is a specialist in brewers’ yeast products with more than 60 years of experience. Our team of experts ensures production at the highest levels of quality. Our laboratories work with the most up-to-date technology and findings from the latest research. Leiber GmbH guarantees complete transparency at highest quality standards for all products: We can tell exactly where the raw material comes from and how it is being processed.

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